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My Skills

Some of my skills!

Autodesk Maya 2015

Autodesk Maya program is the primary 3D application that I'm doing all my 3D work.

Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver is an Adobe program I most coding HTML, CSS, PHP, and more.


InDesign CC

InDesign is an Adobe program that I use to page layout, typography, magazine / magazine design.

Photoshop CC

Photoshop is the Adobe program which I primarily use for image processing and editing and more.

Illustrator CC

Illustrator is an Adobe program that I use to vector graphics, and to create digital graphics.

After Effects CC

After Effects a an Adobe program I'm doing motion graphics and visual fancy effects.

Bridge CC

Bridge is an Adobe program that I use as a pathfinder for my media.

Flash CC

Flash is Adobe program that I make small animation apps for iPhone and Android.

Lightroom CC

When Photoshop can't cut it. I use Lightroom software to control an edit lighting in photos/photography.

Mac / Windows

Apple and Windows is a part of me!

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office can I on a height level


iOS operating system can I on a height level.


My Work


Redesign And More

My Webpage Codes

Web Codes

3D Work

3D Animation


Graphic Design


Some Of My Photos

Photo Fun


About Me

A little backstory about me!

  • 1997

    Born 23 January

    Thursday, 23 January 1997 was the day my parrents got me into the world. An exciting day with lots of funny stories over the years.

  • 2002 - 2004

    My First School (Glim School)

    My first school was Glim School and I went there for only 2 years, because I didn't learn anything and it didn't developed me.

  • 2004 - 2014

    Skt. Josefs School (Roskilde)

    My second school was Skt. Josefs School in Roskilde. When I started on that school, my life took a big turn. I learned a lot on Skt. Josefs School and the bonus was that the school became an international, private, catholic school. It was one of the best times of my life

  • 2014 - 2015

    Roskilde Technical School

    I started my education as Web-Integrator with 3D. That's where I started to learn: Web Design, programming and 3D Animation. I knew that this school had an education called: Digital Media, which is about 3D/animating and programming. I knew that this education is the one i wanted. In order to finish this education i need a large skill set. Getting better at 3D and programming, thats why i took part of the webintegration program.

  • 2015

    Digital Media

    January 2015 I got on the Digital Media education. It was the happiest day of my life! BUT! There's a catch. I need apprenticeship if I want to finish my education. And making this page as a portfolio. I hope that I'll in the future be able to take part in a big production and i'm reaching out to all the companies i can in order to fufill my dreams.

  • More Story
    Comes In the Future!

The Friends I Recommend

Real Friends Never Let You Down!

Maja Elmeskov

Loved Friend

Leon Vinten-Johansen

Loved Friend

Bolette Hermansen

Loved Friend

These friends the those I trust 100%, and I can recommend them to anyone who wants a talented partner. We started Digital media together and we're like a family.


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